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  • Jenn Dunn
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Himalayan Salt Stone Surprise Party Piece

This weekend I hosted a surprise wedding shower for 2 of my close friends. I love planning parties and then hosting and of course enjoying them!

The surprise part went off without a hitch! They were both shocked and were very appreciative of the event.

The party was decorated in white, gold, and teal, with Mr. and Mrs. banners, Gold initial helium balloons, and clothesline strings of images of the bride and groom to be. The celebration was complete with white table clothes, a champagne buffet, and 
an assortment of food and drinks including watermelon slices served on a cold Himalayan Salt Block!

As I was decorating before the guests arrived I put my Himalayan Salt Stone in the refrigerator to get cool for a few hours. As I prepared the rest of the food closer to the party I neatly sliced my watermelon and took my salt stone out of the fridge to plate.

The party got started off (with champagne of course!) but quickly the guests loomed around the snack tables to see what treats were in store. The salt stone was instantly a topic of conversation for the night and guests loved the heightened taste of the watermelon with a small hint of Himalayan salt!

This kitchen necessity is so versatile you can use it for almost any dish in anyway, and it's conversation and decor value is always appreciated by others.

  • Jenn Dunn
  • Himalayan Saltsalt blockssalt stones