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Holiday Gift Ideas for Bosses and Coworkers

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Finding the right presents can be one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season, but even more so when the person you are trying to find the perfect gift for is your boss or one of your coworkers.

Thankfully, we have some handy tips to take the guesswork out of Christmas and keep the holidays jolly.

How much should you spend on a gift for your boss?

Determining how much you should spend on your boss comes down to your relationship, and your own personal budget. If your relationship with your boss lands more on the professional side of the spectrum then they probably aren’t even expecting a gift, a card may be all it takes, and even then use your own judgement and the office culture as a guide.

If you do have a friendly relationship with your boss then be sure not to overspend. Of course, not buying anything at all might be even costlier than making a small effort. Remember that giving a cheap, insincere gift is even worse than not getting any gift at all.

Were you lucky enough to draw your boss in the Secret Santa gift exchange? Often there is a limit set for these types of office games. If so make sure you don’t exceed it. In general, expensive gifts will seem out of place in the office. As a rough rule of thumb try to keep any gifts under $50.

Remember to take your boss or coworkers interests into account, after all a gift is still a gift, they should enjoy it! Also, before picking out your gift, think about what the gift says about you. A thoughtful gift shows you spent some time and are pretty organized – positive traits to communicate in the office place.

With all that in mind here are some suggestions:

Gift cards

Why: Giftcards are a long time standby of the office gift exchange ritual, they come in convenient price ranges that will fit your budget, and are flexible enough for anyone to enjoy them.

What it says about you: Gift cards are like saying “I care enough about you to give you a gift, but not enough to get to know you. I may be slightly unoriginal, but at least I care.”


Why: Who doesn’t like wine (especially around the holidays when we are surrounded by family) and you can actually get decent wine for a price within a modest budget.

What it says about you: Wine is another long-time standby, but be careful who you gift it to. If they don’t drink then you could look out-of-touch or downright insensitive, if they are wine lovers then tread carefully and avoiding picking a bad vintage!

Himalayan Salt and Salt Stones

Why: It is fun, budget friendly, and incredibly practical. Unlike a bottle of wine or a gift card, you can be confident that you’ll be the only one in the office giving Himalayan salt stone. Bonus points if your boss or coworkers have a culinary inclination. Himalayan salt will not spoil, or go bad and they’ll get a lot more use out of it than a bottle of wine. So when your boss is still using the Himalayan salt stone you gave her next August, she’ll think of you!

What it says about you: You’re unique, have great taste, and care enough to buy a great practical gift without going broke in the process.

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    Claire Wu
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