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  • How to Enjoy Your Salt Stones
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How to Enjoy Your Salt Stones

Shrimp skewers on a himalayan salt stone

There are endless ways to enjoy your Himalayan salt stone. Use it as a hot or cold serving platter, a cooking surface, or to make perfectly seasoned rotisserie chicken, and even flavourful soups.

As a serving platter

Himalayan salt stones are beautiful. Forged in the earth over 600 million years ago the pink-sunrise colour of Himalayan salt stone makes it one of the most natural and beautiful serving dishes available anywhere.

Unlike other serving dishes, Himalayan salt stone is more efficient at retaining its temperature. Serve sizzling steak cooked on a Himalayan salt stone, or ice cream under the summer sun for a salty sweet twist on a summer classic.

Cold with fruit

One of the simplest and most creative ways to enjoy your Himalayan salt stone is to chill it and serve fresh sliced fruit. There is nothing better than enjoying chilled fruit with just a touch of salt on a hot summer day. Perfect for accompanying a cool drink by the pool, chilled fruit served on

Himalayan salt stone is an elegant addition to any summer get together, and a great way to encourage the kids to eat their five servings a day. For a full breakdown on this unique (and delicious) serving method check out My Gourmet Cooking’s informative video [KF1] – just in time for summer.


Use smaller chunks of Himalayan salt stone to cook chicken from the inside out. Place the salt stone inside the chicken, and season the outside with your preferred herbs and spices. Then cook the chicken in the BBQ, oven, or on the rotisserie as you normally would. The salt stone will retain heat, cooking it faster and flavouring the chicken from the inside out.

Himalayan Chicken Noodle Soup

After you’ve enjoyed your chicken, use the leftovers to try a unique twist on the classic chicken noodle soup. Take your leftover chicken and put it in a large pot with water, spices and a small chunk of Himalayan salt stone. Heat the broth slowly and take out the salt stone once the broth has been flavoured to your taste. The Himalayan salt stone will add the perfect amount of flavour, and healthy minerals to your soup.

Continuing to use your Himalayan salt stone

No two Himalayan salt stones are identical and the longer you use yours, the more unique it becomes.

Use your Himalayan salt stone as a cooking surface, perfect for grilling chicken, steak, or seafood. Be sure to heat the stone slowly either on a stove top, BBQ or in the oven until it is hot enough to serve as a cooking surface. As your food grills it will be naturally flavoured by the salt stone, so there is no need to add sauces – making your salt stone a healthy cooking option.

Eventually with constant use your Himalayan salt stone will begin to shrink, crack and change colour but this doesn’t signal the end of your Himalayan salt stone, but rather a new beginning. So don't worry about the color or shape of your stones changing - they are still perfect for cooking in any form. If they have broken down significantly you can even use them as rocks like we did in our Sunday Chicken Dinner blog. http://www.mygourmetcooking.com/blogs/news/114568323-cooking-with-broken-himalayan-salt-stones


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    Claire Wu