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  • Spice Up Your Easter Dinner with Himalayan Salt
  • Jenn Dunn
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Spice Up Your Easter Dinner with Himalayan Salt

Easter Dinner Himalayan Salt
It’s that time of year again and the kitchen is sizzling with anticipation. With Easter dinner fast approaching it’s time to pick out the special dishes to serve your guests. If you’re looking for something different this year, why not try adding Himalayan salt to your recipes?

Why Himalayan salt? Well, for one, it’s much healthier than the typical white table salt many people use. Himalayan Salt also adds a more tasteful flavour to your dish and works with a variety of your favourite recipes!

How Can You Add Himalayan Salt to Your Easter Menu?

That’s easy! Any recipe that uses regular table salt can be made into a more tasty and healthy meal by simply substituting Himalayan salt. See below for a few mouthwatering Easter recipe ideas.

Main Course:

Start with the turkey. For many, this is a staple at the dinner table during Easter. To prepare the perfect turkey start by soaking it overnight in a mixture of Himalayan salt and water. This is called brining the turkey.

When you brine a turkey, the salt helps the meat stay moist and generally keeps 30-40% more moisture than you would without bringing. It also allows you to be creative in what flavours you want to add. If you’re worried about the salty taste being too high, be sure to learn how to control saltiness when brining.

Mid-Meal Snack or Appetizer:

Consider cooking a traditional “country” ham, using Himalayan salt, and serve it on top of crackers as an appetizer or mid-meal snack. Because country ham is already salty it’s better kept as a side, so your turkey can be the star of the show.

Easter Dessert:

Now for the best part —dessert! With so many flavours and recipes to choose from you may be wondering, “what would be best?”

One delicious option is macaroons made with chocolate and coconut. They’re a perfect, bite-sized treat and are great for both large gatherings and small get-togethers. Just bake as many batches as needed and set them out on a decorative Easter tray for guests to enjoy. Be sure to use Himalayan Salt to bring out the flavour!

Time to Get Cooking!

Now that you have your Easter menu, it’s always a good idea to remember any recipe can be altered to use Himalayan Salt in place of conventional salt. The health benefits, and the delightful taste are sure to amaze and thrill your guests and help make this Easter dinner one to drool over!
  • Jenn Dunn
  • Easter dinnerEaster recipesHimalayan Salt