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  • Why These Heat Resistant Gloves Are Great for The BBQ
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    Claire Wu

Why These Heat Resistant Gloves Are Great for The BBQ

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Canadian summers are full of iconic activities like cottages, bonfires, boating, and swimming. But whether you are in the big city or a small town, from coast to coast there is one thing that unites us all, and that’s barbeque season!

Get the most out of your grill this year with heat resistant oven gloves. Made with special heat and flame resistant material, these gloves will make your grilling experience safer, easier, and more enjoyable than ever.

Get a better grip on your grill

These heat resistant gloves will help you get a good grip on anything hot. If you drop a hot potato, or sausage, fishing it out from underneath the grill can be a pain – literally. But these heat resistant oven gloves allow you to reach places that you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to get to.

With these heat resistant oven gloves you can even safely remove the grate from your barbeque so you can make adjustments to the cooking surface any time.  

Protect yourself from flair ups and burns

As the King (or Queen!) of the grill, you’ve got enough to think about without worrying about burning yourself. With heat resistant oven gloves, you can concentrate on cooking without having to worry about burns, or losing your grip.

Even new and well maintained grills can flair up occasionally. Fat or oil drips off of food, pools in the grill and ignites – often at the most inopportune time. You can’t predict when your barbeque is going to flare up but you can protect yourself with heat resistant oven gloves. Wearing heat resistant oven gloves also protects you from burns resulting from accidentally touching the side or top of the barbeque.

Cook over an open fire with ease

Heat resistant oven gloves are perfect for smoking and flambéing food. Getting ready to go camping?  Spending a week at the cottage? Don’t forget to pack these heat resistant oven gloves – they make it easy and safe to cook over an open fire or wood stove.  

Clean your grill while it’s hot

The best way to clean your grill is while it is hot. The heat not only naturally disinfects but it also loosens up stuck on grime, making it easier to remove. Unfortunately, without protection it can be difficult to clean your grill while it is hot. Using any sort of liquid will send searing steam billowing up into your exposed hands. Even without steam, you’re still forced to expose your hands to high temperatures, making it hard to apply a consistent scrubbing motion. Using heat resistant oven gloves allows you to apply constant pressure to clean your grill while it is still hot. With your heat resistant gloves, you will be able to keep your grill clean throughout the BBQ season.Heat resistant oven gloves make great grilling accessories for you, or your friends and family. They are a great summer gift, perfect for Father’s Day, and make a fine addition to any self-respecting grill master’s arsenal.

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    Claire Wu