Tasty Himalayan Salt Asparagus Recipe

We are late getting you this super simple very tasty asparagus recipe - why?

Because we have been munching on asparagus all May and June while they are in season. 

However you can still get great asparagus and this is how you make them taste terrific.

Start by heating your 3 stones in the usual manner - either in the oven or on the bbq.

Next, get your fresh asparagus, you can also use white if you find them, they are more expensive and harder to find but tend to be a little more tender.

Rinse them in cold water. The bottoms of the stems are hard and we tend to break them off rather than cut them. The stem will break with gentle pressure exactly where it needs to maximize the amount that is edible.

Another option is how my mother does it, the old fashioned way - cut the very bottom tip off and then use a potato or vegetable peeler to remove the thick skin of roughly the bottom third of the stem.

Now we want to have our asparagus dried enough so that when we put them on the hot stones they are not going to absorb water.

You can simply plop the asparagus with coarse ground pepper on top of the stones and take the 3rd stone and place it on top. Or add some thin lemon slices to give flavour on the side.

They will not require much time, no more than 4 minutes if your stones are between 500-700F.

I always like spicy so you can add some chili flakes too, that will add zing! This way of cooking is almost a dry cooking, of course asparagus internal moisture will provide the steam to cook, so it's half steamed and half seared. 

Take the stone off with a safe glove like the My Gourmet Steam Proof glove, use tongs to remove the asparagus and add the lemon slices on top and serve immediately. 

Proper etiquette actually dictates we eat asparagus with our fingers - and isn’t that the best way to eat most food?