Silicone Oven Mitts for Cooking

Tradition is important in cooking – family recipes passed down from one generation to the next – but sometimes you need to upgrade.

Fabric oven mitts haven’t evolved much from the ones that your grandparents used. They burn easily if left on a hot surface and can be difficult to clean. Using cloth oven mitts with a silicone palm and fingertips for cooking is an upgrade that will A pair of pink silicone oven mitts for cookingrevolutionise your kitchen experience.

Why You Should Use Silicon Mitts for Cooking

My Gourmet Cooking offers silicone mitts that are heat-resistant and steam resistant up to 662° F/350° C and come in a variety of colours; rust, cream, and hot pink! These oven mitts allow you the flexibility of having cloth on your forearms, while offering added protection on your fingertips and palm – the area where you rest the hot, heavy handles of your pots, pans and casserole dishes.

How to Use Silicone Mitts for Cooking

You use silicone mitts for cooking in the same way that you would use traditional oven mitts, but cook with confidence knowing that your hands are…well, in good hands. These mitts offer the best of both worlds – the flexibility of cloth oven mitts and the protection, durability and cleanliness of silicone mitts.

Advantages of using Silicone Mitts for Cooking

From safety to comfort, there are a lot of advantages to using silicone mitts for cooking.

Unlike traditional oven mitts, these oven mitts offer added protection from steam and liquid burns. With silicone on the palm of these oven mitts you get added protection from burns in the most vulnerable area of your hand, making them perfect for straining, steaming and cleaning hot surfaces.

Silicone mitts are perfect for:

  •         Barbequing
  •         Flambéing food
  •         Cleaning hot surfaces
  •         Handling extremely cold food
  •         Straining
  •         Moving or adjusting hot surfaces (even indoor or outdoor fireplace grates)
  •         Cast iron cookware
  •         And so much more!

Are there drawbacks of using silicone mitts for cooking?

A hybrid silicone oven mitt will cost you a bit more initially, but because they last longer than traditional oven mitts, while still providing the mobility you love, you’ll save money in the long run.

Silicone Mitts for Cooking

oven mitts that combine a cloth and silicone design give chefs the best of both worlds – mobility that you don’t get with silicone-only oven mitts and more protection from heat, steam and cold compared to traditional cloth oven mitts.

Do yourself a favour, keep your grandma’s chicken soup recipe, but don’t keep her old oven mitts. Join the 21st century and start using the ultimate oven mitts today!